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AAMCO Winterization Tips / Service

Why Winterize your Vehicle?

At AAMCO Overland Park, we understand the importance of preventative maintenance as it relates to your vehicle’s performance. This is especially true when transitioning to the cold season, in order to prepare for driving in harsh winter conditions. Here are some tips to keep your vehicle safe on the road during the winter season.

  1. Check Your Brakes
    Good brakes performance is essential for driving on icy roads. Have your brakes checked before the beginning of the winter season and replaced if deemed necessary.
  2. Refill The Fluids
    Have your fluid levels checked seasonally to be sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming change in weather.  This includes topping off the gas tank, the antifreeze, the windshield wiper fluid and checking your car’s oil levels and transmission fluid as well.
  3. Check Your Tires
    In order for your tires to be in their best working condition, it is important to have them ready for winter. Check the tire’s pressure level and the tread for wear. If your tread isn’t deep enough, you may be at risk for hydroplaning and other driving problems on snowy roads.
  4. Replace Your Windshield Wipers
    In order to help ensure good visibility while on the road, it is recommended that you replace your windshield wipers twice a year. This is especially important during harsh winter weather.
  5. Change your Oil and Oil Filter
    During the winter, your vehicle’s oil becomes thicker, which means that it flows at a slower rate and your engine must work harder to circulate it. Be sure your oil is the right viscosity or it may have an impact on your engine. The right oil filter is also very critical in the cold season in order to ensure it works properly with the thicker oil.
  6. Pack A Cold Weather Emergency Kit
    Be prepared for any emergency by having some cold weather essentials at hand. A basic kit can include, but is not limited to, a blanket, flares, a shovel, jumper cables, a first aid kit, water, some non-perishable food, a flashlight and waterproof matches. Including some kitty litter is a good idea as well for helping to provide traction in case your vehicle should get stuck in the snow.
  7. Wash Your Car
    During the winter months, your car’s surface and undercarriage is exposed to harsher elements and more prone to damage. Road salt, ice, gritty dirt and debris can all contribute to wear on your vehicle’s exterior. Depending how much snow there has been, washing your vehicle once or twice a month during the winter is recommended. Waxing can also help to provide an additional barrier.

Preventative maintenance is important and AAMCO Overland Park makes winterizing your vehicle easy. We know that taking the proper precautions towards driving your vehicle this winter can help prevent you from getting caught in a potentially dangerous situation out on the road.

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AAMCO Overland Park Winterization Service Includes:

  •    Perform a thorough AAMCO Vehicle Courtesy Inspection of your vehicle (universal) Perform a thorough AAMCO Initial Vehicle Check of your vehicle (California)
  •    Change your engine oil and filter*
  •    Exchange your radiator’s engine coolant and check for freeze level protection
  •    Check your battery’s power and life expectancy, cables and terminal connections
  •    Top off your windshield washer fluid tank with an anti-freeze treated fluid
  •    Check and replace your wiper blades**, if worn, to make sure you are ready for winter
  •    Check for any trouble codes in your vehicle’s computer systems
  •    Check your tires and top off tire pressures
  •    Check and top off other under hood fluid levels as needed  

* Oil change is a ($29.95) for 5 qts. and standard filter.

** If wiper blades are needed then ($9.95) per standard blade. Specialty blades may be higher.

The expert technicians at AAMCO Overland Park will maintain your car, truck or SUV and prep your vehicle for the harsh winter season with our special winterization services designed to keep you and your car on the road, even in the coldest weather. Call today for a convenient appointment.

We here at AAMCO Overland Park have the expertise and the tools to maintain your car, truck or SUV and prep your vehicle for the harsh winter with our special winterization services designed to keep you and your car on the road, even in the coldest weather. Call today for a convenient appointment. 

Call us today & save
(913) 766-2350

Local & Trusted