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Are Motor Oil Additives Good for my Vehicle?

A little on what motor oil additives do and if you should use them

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 07/07/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Are Motor Oil Additives Good for my Vehicle?

Are Motor Oil Additives Good for my Vehicle?

Engine maintenance is vital to keep your vehicle running at peak performance.  The oil that flows through the veins of your car is one of your vehicle’s most important fluids. Keeping it clean is important for your vehicle’s longevity. it’s important to get your vehicle’s engine oil changed at the intervals recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual to safeguard against costly repairs down the line.

You may wonder if you should be using a motor oil additive in your vehicle as a part of regular maintenance.  There are many of them on the market, and some can be quite pricey. Here’s some info to help you decide for yourself.. 

What Do Motor Oil Additives Do?

Motor oil additives promote they can prolong the life of your vehicle, help in avoiding engine repair and assist in stretching oil further. The truth is that ensuring there’s fresh, quality motor oil in your car at all times is the most effective way to protect your vehicle’s best performance and to avoid needing engine repair prematurely. 

Call AAMCO at Overland Park today if you have questions like how often you should change your oil or what type of oil is recommended for your vehicle. We can also help if your vehicle’s Check Engine Light came on...but first you should check the oil level before driving your vehicle again. If you see that your oil levels are low, you should add some oil before driving. Be proactive to avoid causing any additional damage to your vehicle’s engine by going to a reliable auto repair center for a correct diagnosis of the problem you are having. 

Most automobile makers do not actually recommend motor or fuel oil additives. It’s likely that you don’t need to use a motor oil additive at all, especially if you have a late model vehicle that you keep up-to-date with regular maintenance services.

 To avoid engine problems in the future, note that there are a few exceptions to the rules regarding Motor Oil Additives:

  • Older vehicles might require additives to prevent additional wear on valve lifters & the camshaft.
  • Racing engines or hot rods that require ZDDP additives for top performance.
  • Used car engines with unknown oil change histories or engines that have not had maintenance performed at regular intervals.

Ensuring your vehicle’s oil levels are well maintained will help you to avoid costly issues, like an extensive overhaul or engine repair later on.

AAMCO Overland park has engine experts that will help you determine if you need engine repair or Motor Oil Additives for your vehicle. Stop in or call us today and with any questions that you may have.

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