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Are There Some Auto Repairs You Can Put Off?

Regarding what can wait and what can’t when it comes to auto repair

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 08/10/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Are There Some Auto Repairs You Can Put Off?

Are There Some Auto Repairs You Can Put Off?

If you don’t make it a habit of visiting the auto repair shop for needed services because you believe it will end up costing you a lot… then read this!

Some auto repairs are critical to get right away but there are a few repairs that you can afford to put on hold for a while longer. It’s just important to know which ones.

Auto Repair: What Can Wait and What Can’t 


Mufflers can develop small holes from corrosion. You may have possibly heard a louder exhaust sound coming from the back of your vehicle. Purchase a roll of muffler tape, found at most auto supply stores, to wrap around the muffler holes. It’s a good idea to drive with your car windows cracked open to improve ventilation, just to be safe. This quick DIY fix is a good option as a temporary fix, but it is still important to see an auto repair expert for muffler repair or replacement in the near future. 

2. Hoses and Belts:

Besides your vehicle’s timing belt, most vehicle hoses and belts can last approximately four years or roughly 50,000 miles. 

It’s smart to replace most hoses and belts between every 6 to 8 years as a precaution.

If a hose should pop or a belt should break, it’s important to get it replaced right away, before it has the opportunity to lead to potentially extensive engine damage.

3. Shock Absorbers and Struts:

Most struts and shock absorbers last for quite a long time. If you’ve just begun to experience a slight shimmy, the chances are it’s OK to wait a bit before you get these parts replaced. If you have concerns, it’s always a good idea to stop into your local auto repair facility for a check. 

4. Leaks

If transmission is leaking oil at a rate of a quart for every 1,000 miles it doesn’t qualify as a major concern. On the contrary, if your car has been exhibiting a serious oil leak, it’s important that you take it into an auto repair facility as soon as possible.

Whereas there are some repairs that are not as critical as others, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.  If your vehicle’s issue is in regards to brakes, steering systems, timing belts and water pumps, it is critical to have those issues addressed as soon as possible. 

Call AAMCO Overland Park today if you have any auto repair and service questions. Make an appointment for a proper diagnosis if you are having concerns about your vehicle’s performance. 

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