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Common Air Conditioning Issues That Affect Vehicles

Get needed maintenance for your car's A/C system before it gets hot

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 03/31/2016  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Common Air Conditioning Issues That Affect Vehicles

Common Air Conditioning Issues That Affect Vehicles

Prior to the hot weather, it’s a good idea to consider getting some maintenance and upgrades for your vehicle’s air conditioning system. If you can find an issue with your A/C early, it’ll spare you the misery of your vehicle overheating while you’re driving. Below are some A/C problem symptoms you may be experiencing.

Temperature Varies From Hot Air to Cold Air

Your car’s air conditioning temperature should remain consistent when the fan is set to a certain speed. If you’re feeling like it is not as cool as it should be or is fluctuating between hot and cold, then it may be time to upgrade your A/C system. This problem may be due to leaking refrigerant, with means that seals are broken or the cooling compressor or clutches are not functioning correctly.

Rattling Noises, But No Cool Air

Clanks and rattling sounds in your car’s A/C system often mean something is out of order. Other symptoms include little to no cool air flowing through the vents of your vehicle’s air conditioning. There may also be hoses or other devices that are loose in your A/C system. It can also be that air, lubricants or even the refrigerant needs to be checked out or cleaned.

Foul Smelling Air

A common problem with vehicle A/C is not always with sound, but instead, with smell .If you’ve noticed a bad smell coming from your car’s A/C system, it’s likely that it’s time for a system cleaning. 

During the winter months, bacteria and microbes can crawl into your system as the moisture from the air conditioning offers an ideal breeding ground for mold. Draining the A/C tubes and cleaning your system can get rid of the bad smells and allow your vehicle’s air conditioning to perform like new.

Checking the Refrigerant Levels

When using the car’s air conditioning, it responds via the refrigerant levels. On average, your car’s A/C uses 15% of refrigerant levels every year. If you’ve noticed that you’re A/C is no longer blowing cool air, then you should check the levels and increase or refill the amount of refrigerant for a more continuous cool breeze.

Cleaning Out Dirt and Debris

Your car’s A/C system can become dirty due to built up, unwanted dirt and debris as time passes. Cleaning the system, including  the vents, hoses and basic areas of the air conditioning system can help to prevent causing further damage.

Stay cool this summer while driving. Be sure to examine and maintain your vehicle’s A/C system, to help ensure your comfort all spring and summer long

Call the air conditioning system experts at AAMCO Overland Park for all of your vehicle’s A/C maintenance and repair needs. Stop in today if you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle or make an easy appointment.  

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