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Common Transmission Problems

Well maintained transmissions can help stop issues before they start

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 05/24/2016  | Transmission Advice

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Common Transmission Problems

Common Transmission Problems 

If your vehicle fails to shift into a higher gear while accelerating, shudders and clunks during the process, or if a red puddle appears where you are parked, then getting your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for a diagnosis of the issue is very important for your vehicle’s safety as well as yours. These are common symptoms that your transmission’s complex system of gears, that controls the power going to your wheels, is requiring attention. If you are currently experiencing any of the problems listed above, you should definitely have your car checked out right away, to avoid a costly and possibly dangerous situation in the near future.

Transmission Problems Signs

Reddish colored transmission fluid puddling where you park is a sign that you either spilled some fluid while refilling the reservoir, or there’s a leak somewhere in the transmission system. The cost and difficulty of repairing these transmission problems totally depends on where the leak is located. For example, a broken O-ring is a cheap fix, whereas an internal leak will cost more.

A burning smell, coming from the car when it’s running could be the result of a transmission leak dripping onto hot engine parts. It also might mean fluid levels have become very low or there’s another issue altogether. Trying to replace the fluid is the first thing you should try.

Common issue signs transmissions exhibit are often unusual sounds like clunks, thuds and shudders also, general difficulty shifting gears. An engine’s RPMs may raise up too high before a shift occurs or your car may slip into the wrong gear temporarily while driving. These transmission issue may pose a serious risk to your safety. Bring your vehicle in to a transmission professional as soon as possible to determine and correct your car’s transmission issue.

Preventing & Fixing Transmission Issues

A well maintained transmission is the best way to stop transmission problems before they begin. Regularly checking fluid levels and paying attention to any changes that may occur while you’re driving help to spot signs as well. 

Transmission issues can often be serious. Call the transmission repair and service experts at AAMCO Overland Park today if your car has been exhibiting any of the symptoms listed above. Our technicians can help to stop transmission trouble before it has a chance to get started.

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