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Do Strange Noises Mean I Need Auto Repair?

Car noises and what they can mean

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 08/28/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Do Strange Noises Mean I Need Auto Repair?

Do Strange Noises Mean I Need Auto Repair?

If you’re hearing sounds like grinding, clunking or popping, there’s generally a reason this noise is occurring within your vehicle. 

Car noises and what they can mean:

  • Buzzing – If you are hearing or feeling a steady buzzing (like a bee), it could be the result of low air pressure in one of your tires or a loose lug nut. It could also be that there’s a loose part inside of your car. Most buzzing noises can be easily corrected with minor auto repair. 
  • Chirping – If it sounds like birds are chirping under your hood, it could be the result of a worn out fan belt or a problem with the alternator or water pump. 
  • Clicking – Clicking sounds a lot like a light tapping sound coming from your engine. It can be caused by low oil pressure or oil levels. If you hear clicking when you’re turning your car, it might indicate a problem with your car’s CV joint and might the help of an expert auto technician. 
  • Flapping –A flapping sounds, like flags waving constantly in the wind, might indicate there is a problem with a belt, tire or fan. It could also be due to a partially rolled down back window or perhaps a seat belt got shut in the door by accident and is hanging outside the car.
  • Grinding – A grinding, metal-on-metal like sound can happen from gears being shifted incorrectly, brake linings being worn down or even when wheels or axle bearings are worn out.
  • Hissing –Hissing sounds, much like what you hear when steam comes out of a small opening, could indicate a bigger issue- for example, a vacuum leak or punctured tire. If it’s a vacuum leak, then you’ll need to visit an auto repair facility for service.

Many strange noises in addition to these listed here may be coming from your vehicle. Consider it a signal from your car to get things checked out to ensure it doesn’t lead to something dangerous down the road.  

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