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Does My Vehicle Need a Transmission Flush?


AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 07/21/2015  | Transmission Advice

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Does My Vehicle Need a Transmission Flush?

Does My Vehicle Need a Transmission Flush?

Does your car is have trouble when your shift gears? 

Does your car seem sluggish or it jerks when you are pushing down on the accelerator? 

These symptoms could have resulted from a transmission issue which may require that your vehicle should have a transmission flush service performed. 

The key for a long life for your vehicle is keeping it in good condition in order to help avoid expensive repairs down the line. 

Times When You May Need Transmission Service 

Your transmission is one of the most complex and hardest-working parts of your car’s engine. Without proper maintenance, it can can lead to the need for transmission repairs.

Transmissions shift gears within the motor and are fundamentally the powerhouse of your vehicle. They require constant lubrication in the form of transmission fluid. Due to your transmission working so hard, the transmission fluid is needed to protect it from oxidation and from wear and tear from shifting and driving. A transmission flush will remove old, dirty fluids and replace them with new, clean fluids. A proper flush should also involve a transmission servicing. Included in this service should be:

  • Fluid drain and removal within the entire system
  • Installing new pan gasket
  • Installing new transmission filter

A transmission flush will help to reduce the need of transmission repair, help your vehicle shift gears easier and help to improve overall engine performance. 

Flush Benefits

Every 30,000 miles, your transmission starts to show some signs of wear. Having your vehicle’s transmission serviced performed can help to avoid major transmission repair work to be done later. A transmission flush is important in order for dirty fluid to be removed from the system and replaced with clean fluids. The benefit of a flush is your system is re-lubricated which contributes to your vehicle running better.

Are There Any Risks to Not Servicing Your Transmission?

Neglecting transmission services can lead to costly transmission repairs. A dirty transmission is the result of aged brown fluid that has oxidized the parts over time. This can cause sticky valves that can lead to gears to slipping and chattering. 

Make sure fluid levels are correct to help to keep the entire transmission unit cool, as well as also cleaning the internal components of the transmission system. 

AAMCO Overland Park has expert technicians that know transmissions. Call today or stop in if you have any questions about transmission flushes or want to make a convenient appointment to diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing. 

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