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Features of Volvo’s Apple CarPlay Technology

The latest in technology at your fingertips

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 04/02/2015  | Car Comfort & Safety Tips

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Features of Volvo’s Apple CarPlay Technology

Features of Volvo’s Apple CarPlay Technology 

If having the latest in technology at their fingertips is something you enjoy, you no longer have to choose between safe driving and staying connected to the outside world. Volvo’s Apple CarPlay now allows drivers to use features via hands-free car technology so that their eyes never have to leave the road.

Car Technology You’ve Been Waiting For

CarPlay is a must-have for people who love combining technology with their vehicle. CarPlay won’t run out of batteries, won’t fall under the seat, and it won’t be forgotten at home. With CarPlay, your car technology is always right there with you in your vehicle.

Car Technology That’s Easy to Use

Volvo’s Apple CarPlay is basically an iPad integrated into your vehicle’s dashboard. There’s no fumbling to grab the CarPlay from the back seat, or having to hold it instead of the steering wheel, or needing to look down to see it instead of focusing your eyes on the road while you drive. You only need to take a quick glance at a fully-functional touch screen with Car Play

Features of CarPlay Car Technology 

Your vehicle’s radio is essentially limited and outdated. CarPlay offers the latest in technology with many useful and fun features you’ll be sure to enjoy. CarPlay can make phone calls and you are able to listen to voice mails or send messages. It plays music and podcasts, and can connect to third-party apps like Spotify. You can also access maps and turn-by-turn directions. CarPlay even adds in current traffic conditions so drivers always have the best advice regarding traffic conditions and directions. CarPlay is car technology that makes your ride easier and more fun.

CarPlay Car Technology and Safety

CarPlay is both fun and practical, and helps to keep drivers safe too. CarPlay can be integrated with Siri, so drivers have the option of using the car technology with voice commands instead of needing to push buttons. CarPlay help to keep users connected, not distracted.

If you have any questions about CarPlay or regarding your vehicle, please call the car care experts at AAMCO Overland Park today! 

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