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Getting More Out Of Your Transmission

Transmissions work to maximize the efficiency of the engine

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 04/19/2016  | Transmission Advice

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Getting More Out Of Your Transmission

Tips for Frequent Drivers Regarding Maintenance

People generally tend to drive more in warmer weather. The spring and summer season bring with them more things to do and more places to visit. If your commute on a regular basis is a long one, you understand how a break down or a flat tire can absolutely ruin your entire day. This is when regularly scheduled auto maintenance becomes top of mind. Don’t take chances by not maintaining your vehicle. 

Be prepared and you will save time, money and frustration:

Change your own fuses. 

Locate the vehicle’s fuse panel, usually on the driver’s side of the dashboard right under the steering wheel. Or it might be in the engine compartment, the glove box or even the front dash door jambs. Take out the blown fuse with a pair of pullers or tweezers and replace the fuse as recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Be sure to test it to see ensure it is working correctly. 

Check your tire pressure with a tire gauge.

Keep your tires properly inflated. Tire tread can be worn down by heat and mileage. With a tire gauge, you can easily check the air in each one of your tires. You should replace any tires that are worn down to ensure your safety.

Change your vehicle’s oil

Either do it yourself or take it to an auto repair center. Regularly changing your vehicle’s oil is an easy way to help keep your vehicle on the road. Note of the mileage between oil changes intervals to know when you are due for another one.

Detail your vehicle. 

Keep your vehicle clean. Do it yourself of have both the inside and the outside of your car cleaned. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and it’s easy for it to become cluttered with trash, dirty or covered in dust.

Be prepared

People who rely on their vehicles to get to work and school each day understand the importance of regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance. Being prepared will help you to avoid a breakdown simply because you didn’t check your tires or top off the fluids in your vehicle.

For all the maintenance services and repairs your vehicle needs, call AAMCO Overland Park today. We’ll help keep you and your family safe out on the road. 

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