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Is it time for an oil change?

It's important to be prepared for winter driving

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 11/19/2013  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Is it time for an oil change?

This basic maintenance item should be performed on your vehicle before winter's first storm arrives. It's important to be prepared.  When you car is in it’s best working order , it helps to ensure your safety through the upcoming harsh weather season. 

Additional maintenance services to have now, that can help avoid costly problems later include: 

  • Checking, topping off and changing all necessary fluids as needed. These fluids include: oil, coolant, brake, freeze resistant windshield wiper fluid and transmission fluid. 
  • Replace filters as needed- these include oil, air and transmission filters. 
  • Have your brakes inspected. Are they functioning as they should be? Quality brakes can make a significant difference when driving in icy conditions.
  • Another basic safety item to complete that is inexpensive and easy is to have the essential lights in your vehicle replaced that may have burnt out.  Headlights, brake lights and additional lights on your vehicle are important safety features.
  • Are your windshield wipers compromising your visibility in precipitation? Their condition will only deteriorate even more in cold weather. New windshield wipers can  make all the difference when driving through a storm. 
  • You spend a lot of time inside your vehicle. Take care of the interior’s maintenance too. Slip resistant, rubberized floor mats are a great idea to keep your interior better protected from the elements, especially on the driver’s side.

Before the bad weather begins, it's a good idea to have your tires inspected. Also, be sure your tire’s tread is good and the tire pressure is at the recommended level for your car, truck or SUV. as stated in your owner’s manual.  Vehicles often get better gas mileage and exhibit better handling when tires are properly pressurized. Another good option to consider if you typically drive in severe winter weather are winter tires. It’s important to note that sometimes winter weather systems and changes in pressure can cause a flat tire, regardless of their being anything physically wrong with it.  

Prepare an emergency kit:

Having an emergency kit in your vehicle all year round is extremely important.

Basic winter emergency items to include in your kit:

  • Blankets or an extra jacket
  • Set of jumper cables
  • A working flashlight with good batteries
  • Chains
  • Essential first-aid items
  • A knife 
  • Flares
  • Some energy bars or similar snack
  • Waterproof gloves ( wool or cotton gloves will get very wet)
  • A small snow trowel or shovel
  • Waterproof matches
  • An ice scraper
  • A bag of cat litter or sand 

Stop in or call us at AAMCO Overland Park, KS to day for these essential winter vehicle maintenance services .You’ll leave feeling confident that your vehicle will be well prepared for the upcoming cold weather season.

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