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Prepare the Car for Spring With These 5 Steps

Basic maintenance to prepare your vehicle for the change of seasons is wise

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 03/01/2016  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Prepare the Car for Spring With These 5 Steps

Prepare Your Car for Spring With These 5 Steps
Spring is coming soon. Getting some routine maintenance for your vehicle to prepare for the change of seasons is a wise idea. With warmer weather comes more road trips, more events to drive the kids to, etc. Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition with our Spring Maintenance Tip below:
1. Wash your car’s undercarriage.
If you had a lot of snow or not this winter, it’s more than likely that road salt still affected your vehicle. Rust and corrosion can also wreak havoc on parts your car needs to perform properly. Getting car washes regularly during winter can help to solve this problem, just be sure that the car wash option you’ve chosen includes the cleaning of your vehicle’s undercarriage.
2. Your vehicle needs a good spring cleaning.
In addition to cleaning the undercarriage, a good wash of your vehicle from top to bottom, including cleaning the car inside and out (including removing trash and other debris) will make a world of difference.  
3. Replace your wiper blades.
The winter season can take a toll on your wiper blades. Replacing your vehicle’s wiper blades in order for them to effectively wipe away precipitation is important so you can see more clearly on the road. 
4. Check the tire pressure.
If your vehicle’s tires seems to be running low on air, fill them up to the proper pressure for your vehicle to perform at its’ best. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you don’t know the correct air pressure for your car’s tires. Proper tire pressure helps save your vehicle from unnecessary wear and tear and will save money down the line by improving your vehicle’s gas mileage.
5. Top off fluids.
Checking the levels of antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid and any other fluid reservoirs that your vehicle has. If fluids you need any of these fluids to be replaced, try to top them off as soon as possible. Remember to also check for leaks. If you find a leak, it’s smart to pay a visit to your local auto repair shop so they can diagnose the issue.
The expert technicians at AAMCO Overland Park can help get your vehicle in tip-top shape for the change of seasons. Stop in or call us today for an easy appointment.   

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