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Spring Break Road Trip: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

Get a check-up & basic maintenance services before leaving

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 03/14/2016  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Spring Break Road Trip: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

Spring Break Road Trip: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

You want to remember your spring break road trip as breakdown-free and going as smoothly as can be. Getting a check-up and basic maintenance services before you leave for your trip can help prevent it from being ruined or worse, an emergency situation from occurring . There are several systems you should definitely check (or have checked) before you head out of town. These 5 tips below can help you ensure a safe and enjoyable time on your road trip

Tip 1: Check the Battery

Your car’s battery should be fully charged and able to sustain you while on the road. Check battery levels by checking the fluid in the battery. Remember to be sure your vehicle’s battery is charged and able to hold that charge throughout your road trip.

Tip 2: Keep Your Tires Rolling

Flat tires will cause a breakdown fast. Before leaving, check the air in each tire, to ensure they’re full and can hold without going flat. Check the gauge of the tire treads, making sure they are 3/4 inches and with strong traction. Rotating or changing tires before you leave is also a great way to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Also, be sure to check your spare tires to ensure they are in good condition too.

Tip 3: Checking Vehicle Fluid Levels

All your vehicle’s fluids should be filled. Engine oil should be at a full level before leaving. Also, be sure to check the transmission fluid levels, wiper fluid and antifreeze as well. Checking each of these essential fluids equates to a safer trip.

Tip 4: Make Sure To Check Your Brakes!

Bad brakes can lead to dangerous situations, especially when you are far from home. Having the brake pressure checked in your car is an essential vehicle maintenance item. This includes measuring your brake pressure, as well as brake fluid in the car.

Tip 5: Clicking Into Electrical Equipment

It is sometimes the smaller elements of a vehicle that can lead to problems while on the road. Your vehicle’s maintenance should also include the checking of all your car’s electrical equipment. Your windshield wipers, windows and turning signals should all be in top order and easy to use. If you have a GPS or other connected devices, then you will want to include this in the inspection as well.

At AAMCO Overland Park, we want you both enjoy your road trip and arrive there and back safely. Call us today to take care of any last minute maintenance for your vehicle to help your trip be breakdown free! 

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