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The Joys of Car Ownership

5 common problems that often come with owning a car

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 03/31/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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The Joys of Car Ownership

Remember when you couldn’t wait to turn 16 so you could finally drive your own car? You believed your car would solve all your problems. Well, you have probably figured out by now that owning a car doesn’t solve your problems. Actually, owning a car bring with it new problems to your life. Below are five common car problems that often come with vehicle ownership.

Problem #1: Paying For It

Owning a car wouldn’t be so bad if you only paid for gas, much as you did as a teenager. Now you must add in loan payments, interest, parking fees, insurance, car washes, routine maintenance and repair for car problems, not to mention you likely have some hefty payments on your hands.

Problem #2: Car Related Tasks Take a Lot of Time

As if taking all of your money wasn’t enough, it often feels as though your car wants to take all of your time as well. A visit to your local DMV can easily take an hours away from your day. Also, getting maintenance or repairs might leave you without a car for a few days, depending on what's being repaired.

Problem #3: You Get Stranded

Things happen.  For example, on the day you have a big meeting at work, or when you’re already running late, is of course when your car decides to experience a problem that leaves you stranded.

Problem #4: You Are Everyone’s Favorite Taxi

When you own a car, you have a friend. It seems everyone you know without a car wants to be your best friend all of a sudden. When your little sister needs a ride to the mall and your friend needs a ride across town to work, they’ll call you. 

Problem #5: Keeping Your Car Safe

As a vehicle owner, you have probably become more aware of where you park your car, you keep an eye out for neighborhood vandals or thieves, you even watch the weather constantly to avoid severe weather, like a hail storm. It’s no secret that a car can add additional stresses to our lives.

For any questions or if you are experiencing any new problems with your vehicle, give the expert technicians at AAMCO Overland Park today!

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