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Transmission Problem Signs:Manual and Automatic

Troubleshooting a transmission issue at the first sign of a problem helps

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 03/06/2016  | Transmission Advice

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Transmission Problem Signs:Manual and Automatic

Transmission Problem Signs: Manual and Automatic

Troubleshooting a transmission issue at the first sign of a problem can help it from becoming any worse and from becoming a more expensive situation. There are a few symptoms of both manual and automatic transmission problems you should be aware of.

Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Having your “check engine” light lit up on your dashboard alerts you to a potential issue that may exist. It can mean a number of things and there are usually more clues that will let you know if your vehicle will require transmission repair.

Start by taking a look underneath the vehicle when it’s parked to see if any drips have accumulated in your parking area. If there is a puddle, make note of what color it is. Transmission fluid is pink and necessary in shifting gears and to keep the car running smoothly. Be sure to also check the fluid levels under the hood.

If the car stalls, shudders or hesitates when you are shifting from one gear to the next while you are driving on the road, or you are hearing a grinding or clunking noise, get to an auto repair facility as soon as possible to get checked out.

Manual versus Automatic Vehicles Problem Signs

Manual and automatic transmission systems can have different signs that let you know you may need repair. 

Manual Transmission Signs

  • Does your vehicle show a tendency to slip you into neutral, even while driving? 
  • Has it become difficult to move the gear shift into gear?
  • Is your clutch is sticking when you depress it in order to make a change?

Then your transmission may have an issue that requires professional attention. 

Be sure to pay attention to your vehicle’s fluid levels and to get regular maintenance in order for your vehicle’s transmission to last you a long time. If you have questions about your vehicle’s transmission or think you may have an issue, call the experts techs at AAMCO Overland Park today for an easy appointment.

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