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Ways to Increase Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

Don't spend more fuel than needed to get to where you’re going

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 06/14/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Ways to Increase Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

Ways to Increase Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

From running errands to driving the kids to their sports practices, to a spontaneous summer road trip, you don’t want to spend a more than you need to on fuel to get to where you’re going. Save on gas with these helpful tips for getting better fuel economy.

1. Stop Rushing

Regularly driving over 60 mph or making excessive stops and starts while driving around town, chances are, you are wasting gas. Try driving slower on the highway and being more patient when you’re driving through town. This helps to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy while at the same time, helps to decrease the chances for requiring vehicle repairs.  

2. Proper Tire Inflation

Under-inflated tires are awful on your car’s fuel economy. Different vehicles require different tire pressures, so it’s important to check your owner’s manual for the proper pressure required for your specific tires. By properly inflating your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you’ll see the difference it makes in your vehicle now using less gas.  

3. Plan Ahead

We all know unnecessary trips generally waste a lot of gas. By planning your day around getting multiple tasks done and running several errands at once, instead of in two or three trips, you can save fuel.

4. Travel Light

A heavy car, means worse fuel economy over the miles. Only keep the essentials to keep your vehicle lighter for everyday driving. Chances are your trips will not need as much gas and the drives will be more pleasant and less jam packed with stuff to.

5. Don’t Neglect Necessary Auto Repairs

When your vehicle is exhibiting issues that require auto repair, it can certainly take a toll on your fuel economy. Your gas mileage can decrease quite a bit if your car is undergoing issues like clogged air filters, faulty oxygen sensors and other problems that can have a damaging impact on your fuel economy.

Call AAMCO Overland Park today if you are experiencing any issues regarding your vehicle’s fuel economy or have any other auto repair and maintenance questions

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