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What Do My Strange Car Noises Mean? Part 1

As vehicles get older, they often start making strange noises

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 10/26/2016  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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What Do My Strange Car Noises Mean? Part 1

What Do the Strange Noises My Car Makes Mean? Part 1

As vehicles begin to get older, they may start making strange noises like clicks, clunks or squeals. If you hear similar sounds, you also wondering where they’re coming from and if it needs immediate attention. Cars will generally tell you when something is a bit off. In What Do the Strange Noises My Car Makes Mean? Part

We’re going to cover your braking system the noises they may make and the causes of these noises.

A Clunking Sound When You Brake

Possibly due to:  

  • A steering system that is worn.
  • Improperly mounted disc brake caliper.
  • Brake hardware that is damaged or missing.

A Squealing Sound When You Brake

Possibly due to:  

  • Dirty brake pads, drums, rotors and/or shoes.
  • Worn brake pads and/or shoes.
  • Wear indicator on the brake pads is now making contact with the rotor.
  • Overheated brake pads have glazed consequently.
  • Incorrectly mounted or loosened disc brake calipers

A Scraping Sound When You Brake

Possibly due to:  

  • Out-of-round or distorted brake drum.
  • Very worn brake shoes.
  • Brakes aren’t applying evenly.

A Rhythmic Scraping Noise When You Drive at a Slow Speed

Possibly due to:  

  • A brake rotor that is badly warped.
  • Badly out-of-round brake drums that need to be replaced 

A Clicking Sound Coming from the Front When You are Turning Corners

Possibly due to:  

  • A hard object can be caught between the rotor and brake pads.
  • CV joints are worn.
  • Brake pads loose in their mounting.

A Clicking Sound When Turning or Braking

Possibly due to:  

  • Improperly mounted disc brake caliper 
  • Steering system components that are worn
  • Damaged or missing brake hardware.

Don’t to ignore the warning signs your brakes are sending by making sounds. Address and correct the problem quickly to help safeguard your car and others on the road. On the road stopping is as important as going. If your brakes aren’t performing correctly, it can put you at risk for an accident that could have been avoided.

If you hear sounds coming from your car’s braking system, call the brake repair expert techs at AAMO Overland Park today for an appointment today!

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