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What Does My Car’s Oil Light Coming On Mean?

Your car’s oil light can come on due to several reasons

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 11/05/2016  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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What Does My Car’s Oil Light Coming On Mean?

What Does It Mean When My Car’s Oil Light Comes On?

If your car’s oil light is on, it can be due to several things. It can mean your oil pump is not circulating oil as it should be. If your vehicle’s oil pump isn’t functioning correctly, the engine’s bearings and friction surfaces aren’t receiving the important lubrication they need. This may lead to a big problem.

Tips for if Your Oil Light Comes On

When driving on the highway, safely pull over as soon as possible when you notice your oil light has come on. The first thing you should do is check your oil level. Fill it to the correct level if you see that it is low. If it’s fine, your problem may be with the oil pump that can cause your engine not to get the oil pressure it requires to perform as it should. 

Check the Oil Filter

Your car’s oil filter is a prime place for oil to leak. If your filter is on loosely or too tightly and stripped, it may cause oil to leak, which can damage your engine.

Inspect Your Oil Pan

If you’ve bottomed out with your car you may have damaged the oil pan. Examine the pan, bolt and anything else that may allow for oil to leak from the pan.

Diagnosing Issues with the Oil Pressure Sender Unit & Regulators

This needs to be performed by a professional. Call the experts at AAMCO Overland Park for an accurate check of your vehicle today. 

If your oil light has come on or you are experiencing any vehicle issues, call AAMCO Overland Park to determine your vehicle’s problems and to provide you with all of the services your vehicle needs to be safe on the road. 

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