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When Should I Have My Transmission Serviced?

Keeping your vehicle running at peak performance

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 10/29/2013  | Seasonal Vehicle Maint

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When Should I Have My Transmission Serviced?

AAMCO’s Safeguard transmission service will help to keep your car running at it’s best.

AAMCO has been a leader in transmission services for over 50 years, . Our certified techs perform our special Safeguard Transmission Service to help maintain the performance of the transmission in your car, truck or SUV. 

This $99 service can help to prolong your transmission's lifespan and also help you to avoid expensive repairs later on. AAMCO’s Safeguard transmission service starts with our Transmission Multi-Point Inspection. This thorough check will help to uncover any posible issues should they exist. 

We will then perform several transmission services including:

  • Transmission Reseal – To ensure it is retaining fluid.
  • Transmission Service – If needed, we have the ability to remanufacture all makes and models of transmissions. 
  • Clutch Service – Making any adjustments or necessary repairs to your vehicle’s clutch to ensure proper operation.
  • 4×4 Drive Service – This service will help maintain the vehicles you use for towing or off-road driving and includes draining and refilling necessary fluids.
  • Power Purge – Our Power Purge Transmission Flush drains virtually all of the degraded, old fluid from your Transmission system using our high tech and patented Power Purge equipment. It includes exchanging the old fluid with fresh, new fluid and replacing the filter as well. Our technicians will also perform a leak check. 

Stop in today or call to schedule an appointment for our complete Safeguard transmission service. Help your transmission performing at its' best. Call AAMCO Overland Park, KS today f you are having any problems with your vehicle's transmission.

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