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Winter Car Problems

Be proactive to avoid vehicle issues during winter

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 02/25/2016  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Winter Car Problems

Winter Car Problems

Preparing your vehicle for blizzards, ice, snow and the cold weather season ahead is very important for your safety. Winter weather driving can cause a lot of problems and impact your regular schedule and impede your daily routine. 

Be proactive to avoid vehicle issues during winter by knowing what signs to look out for before leaving home. You’ll help prevent a possible breakdown and keep your vehicle running smoothly, regardless of how bad the weather is.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

When it comes to winter driving you should remember that all of the basic connections in your car, truck or SUV run somewhat differently when exposed colder temperatures. Fluids can get thicker, batteries may not have the needed power to start your vehicle and spark plugs may also potentially fail. By inspecting each of these parts of your vehicle before leaving home, you can help to ensure cold weather driving safety.

Start preparing for cold weather driving early to better ensure your safety. Check your fluids and add in antifreeze before your next drive. If you have an older battery, check it and if needed replace it, especially if it’s over 3 years old. Additionally, remember to check the belts around your engine for wear or cracking. Since fluids change in the winter, it’s important to keep your fuel tank filled up, to avoid potentially ruining your gaskets in the cold. Be sure to always allow your vehicle some time to warm up before you drive to better ensure cold weather safety.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

When you’re driving through winter weather it’s also different driving on a cold, sunny day. When driving on ice or melted snow, skidding and slipping on the road can make for a very dangerous situation.

Check your tires often, as the freezing temps may cause your tires to become somewhat deflated. If you can, changing to 4 wheel drive for winter weather driving, can help you to avoid accidents. These cold weather safety basics can help you to prevent vehicle trouble and getting stranded on the road.

Since cold temperatures change how your vehicle behaves and what it requires, it’s a good idea to call the local auto repair and maintenance experts at AAMCO Overland Park for information or to have us perform any services your vehicle will need to keep you safe this winter. Call us now for a convenient appointment.

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