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You May Need Radiator Repair if…

Common reasons why you might require vehicle radiator repair

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 11/21/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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You May Need Radiator Repair if…

You May Need Radiator Repair if…

If there a cloud of white steam coming from under the hood of your car, it’s time you go to your local auto repair shop! 

Reasons you might require radiator repair.

  1. Broken thermostat – Broken thermostats are often to blame for an overheated vehicle. Thermostats function like a valves controlling the level of coolant entering into your vehicle’s radiator. When your thermostat is performing well, it will monitor the temperature of your engine. A broken thermostat requires that you get auto repair.
  2. Leaking radiator or leaking radiator hoses – Radiator leak can sometimes be hard to find. Other times, it’s the radiator hoses that are leaking and not the actual radiator. These hoses connect the engine and the radiator and allow for coolant to run between the two systems. Replacing the radiator hoses should be performed as a part of an annual maintenance tune-up service.
  3. Trapped air – If there is air is trapped within a vehicle’s radiator, it can reduce the flow of coolant in your vehicle’s cooling system. If your car runs hot often, you should have a technician bleed the cooling system to release any air that could be trapped.
  4. A faulty water pump – A car’s water pump function is to move water through a car’s engine before it passes back through the radiator. If the water pump is broken, the water cannot get circulated through the engine and this can cause it to overheat quickly. 
  5. A broken radiator fan – A radiator fans helps to bring air into the radiator while your car is idling or operating at a low speed. If you begin to notice that your vehicle is running great on the highway, but then gets hot when sitting in traffic it could be that your radiator fan is broken.

Call AAMCO Overland Park with any questions or concerns you may have about your vehicle’s radiator or make an easy appointment today.

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